S-POST is a standard post processor program that comes included in SURFCAM with over 50 S-POST post processors for major CNC machine manufactures. S-POST has an “easy to use” generator module that presents dynamic menus, context sensitive help and a powerful Factory Interface Language (FIL) utility designed to improve the user's productivity.

FIL provides external file I/O and Tool Path file manipulation to generate code for any machine tool. S-POST supports 2- to 4-axis lathes and turning centers with either one or two turrets on common or separate slides. It accommodates mills and machining centers with up to 15-axes, with indexing tables, rotary and/or tilt heads.

S-POST also supports other types of non-turning NC/CNC machines, including Lasers, Wire EDMs, Punches/Presses, Grinders, Drills and Routers. S-POST comes with the CIMpro Java interface. This interface allows you to access your complete NC/CNC programming system.

Option File Generator:

  • This module enables the user to create a specialized postprocessor to generate code that meets the requirements of your equipment. No knowledge of any programming language is required.

  • A postprocessor is generated by supplying the machine kinematics, control codes, data format, and other machine control constraints through a dynamic Java user interface. When postprocessing is initiated, the Spost reads the Option File (parameter file) and sets the output variables to the correct values for the machine tool.

  • The Option File Generator uses standard Windows ™ disciplines when selecting machine constraints and options. Options can be selected in any order, and only those values not agreeing with the control or machine description need be changed.

Using S-POST is easier than ever.

From the Java interface, the user starts the Option File Generator and begins the configuration process. On-line help is available throughout the creation process. Modifications may be made by selecting only the menu where a change is required.


Disclaimer: In addition to post processors that are included with SURFCAM, there are some post processors that are provided by third-party resellers. All SURFCAM third-party post processors are designed to enhance and improve your productivity in SURFCAM. The following third-party SURFCAM post processors are not developed or controlled by SURFCAM, Inc. and thus, SURFCAM, Inc. is not responsiblefor any losses, damages, or changes that these add-ins may have on your system(s). Any sales or support requests for any third-party SURFCAM post processors are to be directed to the individual post vendor.