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SURFCAM 2022.0

SURFCAM brings powerful complementary tools to its user base

DESIGNER Companion

SURFCAM, the powerful 3D CAM product that achieves the balance between feature sets and ease of use, reinforces its portfolio by adding DESIGNER to its solution workflow. SURFCAM customers with a valid maintenance contract will benefit from a direct modelling, hybrid modelling CAD tool for Manufacturing. Preparing the model in advance, including capping holes and pockets, healing missing faces, or extending surfaces means the manufacturing job that comes after becomes much simpler.

DESIGNER brings state-of-the-art modelling functionality powered by top Hexagon technology. A simple and powerful “Send to CAM” command creates the SURFCAM project directly from the CAD application, ensuring the right models are automatically assigned as stock and fixture. CAM entities can be automatically created such as curves, surface lists and surface list groups.

SURFCAM will be aware of changes to this DESIGNER file, meaning that toolpath will be associative to design changes the user might eventually perform.

Integration with NCSIMUL Essential

SURFCAM improves its link with Hexagon’s Simulation and Verification application, NCSIMUL. In its Essential version, which comes included in SURFCAM, projects can be imported and verified, including all links amongst multiple toolpaths, to ensure the process is completely simulated and validated for execution. This links offers an upgrade path into full NCSIMUL, which bring additional functionality such as multi-project optimization, NC code reading and optimization. Version 2022.0 consolidates this link, exporting Turning projects too.

Flexible 4X and 5X Functionality

SURFCAM users that wanted to explore 4- and 5-Axis technology had to upgrade their 3X systems. Now, with the addition of independent modules, customers can remain at their current 3X system level, and float modules in a network pool, making the use of the technology much more flexible in a multi-user environment.

Autodesk Inventor Files Read by Default

SURFCAM users required an extra module to load Inventor solid models. This is now simplified, these files can be read natively with any SURFCAM system without the need for an extra license.